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Blackjack and Ecocard

Everyone likes a quick game of Blackjack whether it is multi hand or single hand, Vegas or Atlantic Blackjack, there is something for everyone on the internet. Playing Blackjack has become run of the mill for many and it is important when playing not to think about when your money transfer will come in and how long it will take. Using Ecocide to fund your online casino accounts leaves you time and no worries to enjoy a much loved game of Blackjack.

How Ecocard Helps Your Blackjack Game

Whether you are a competitor or just like a quick game now and again, playing Blackjack is potentially very rewarding. It does not take long to know whether you have won or not and in the same way you really don’t want to be hanging around waiting for a transfer to come through or a credit card to be approved when you fancy a game of Blackjack. For that reason amongst others it is a good idea to use a secure and efficient payment system such as Ecocard to fund your online casino accounts. Ecocard works like a virtual debit card, you send money to the card and that is the money that you can instantly use at any of the online casinos you choose to play Blackjack at.

Registering and Transferring Money

Registering for an Ecocard is simple and free, it can be done through the Ecocard website. Upon registering you will receive an account number and choose a password, these together provide the access to your account at all times. Once you have registered for an Ecocard, it is activated immediately and you can start transferring money to your Ecocard. Each payment transaction to Ecocard is free. Transferring money to your Ecocard is very simple and easy to do; it can be done via credit card or bank transfer from one of the network of banks that Ecocard work with. As soon as you have money on your Ecocard you can start using it to place bets at online casinos. If at any time you want to check how much you have on your card, this can be done via the Ecocard website where you can check your balances, status of transactions and so on all at real time.

Withdrawing Your Money and Spending It!

Withdrawing your winnings when playing Blackjack, using the Ecocard is as easy as sending transfers. Firstly you need to withdraw the money you have won from the online casino via the banking section, this is self explanatory and varies slightly between casinos. Once the money is registered in your Ecocard, you can then choose how you wish to withdraw the money from the Ecocard. It can be done via check or bank transfer. In addition, Ecocard is used by many online websites that offer retail products and different services so you can always choose to spend your winnings online.

Ecocard is easy to use and has a very low cost. There is no chance of rejection when using your Ecocard as you can only spend what is on the card and no more. Ecocard is a great way to fund your Blackjack game and leave you time to concentrate on how to achieve the all important 21.